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"Effective advocacy consists of a skillful blend of clear language and a sense of dramatic structure. Guberman's exemplars demonstrate again and again how to transform an otherwise ordinary case into a morality tale with a happy ending."

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, Presiding Judge, U.S. v. Microsoft

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The Book

What Can You Learn?

Each chapter focuses on a tough writing challenge, providing a strategic roadmap and practical tips along with annotated examples of how prominent attorneys have resolved that challenge in varied trail and appellate briefs.

What Are People Saying?

"[A]n indespensable tool." "A must for the library of veteran litigators and aspiring moot court competitors."

Who Are the Top Advocates?

Ross spent months reviewing and analyzing motions and briefs to select the top 50 advocates featured in Point Made. No two people would list the same top 50 advocates, but he's confident these 50 are all superstars worthy of study and admiration.

An Interview with Ross

Ari Kaplan's interview with Ross about Point Made is now available on Ari's website. Tune in to hear Ross discuss specific techniques that can improve your writing and explain how he choose the 50 top advocates included in the book.


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Ross offers a popular interactive half-day workshop on Point Made:

“I’ve written or edited over 1,000 briefs. This is by far the best course I’ve seen.”
“I wish I had taken this 20 years ago.”
“Practical tips that demystify the brief-writing process.”
“I can't wait to start my next writing project.”
“I liked the use of real world examples and showing the techniques they use to move from good to great.”

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Why Great Advocacy Writing Is More Science than Art.

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