Do You Speak British?

During my recent “Transatlantic Tour,” many people asked about the differences between American and British legal usage. American lawyers use hundreds of terms differently from their British counterparts.

This month, I’ve listed ten British legal terms followed by their American equivalents.

  1. Company Law
  2. Competition Law
  3. Ordinary Shares
  4. Cross-Action
  5. Expropriation
  6. Interim Relief
  7. No Case
  8. Against Conscience
  9. Invitation to treat
  10. Exemplary damages


  1. Company Law: Corporate Law
  2. Competition Law: Antitrust Law
  3. Ordinary Shares: Common Stock
  4. Cross-Action: Cross-Claim
  5. Expropriation: Eminent Domain
  6. Interim Relief: Interlocutory Relief
  7. No Case: Judgment as a Matter of Law
  8. Against Conscience: Unconscionable
  9. Invitation to treat: Invitation to make an offer
  10. Exemplary damages: Punitive damages

Order Point Made

Order Point Taken

Order Deal Struck