The Gun Case: Eight Hits

In case I took too many shots at the gun-ban opinion and dissents, let me also share eight sentences that hit the writing bull’s-eye.

The Scalia Opinion

  1. Most evocative use of a single-word sentence

It would be rather like saying “He filled and kicked the bucket” to mean “He filled the bucket and died.” Grotesque.1

  1. Most interesting use of or as a transition word

Or to put the point differently, operative provisions should be given effect as operative provisions, and prologues as prologues.2

  1. Most shrewd echo of a case name

JUSTICE STEVENS presses Presser into service to support his view that the right to bear arms is limited to service in the militia . . . .3

  1. Most clever alcohol reference in a firearms case

It is inconceivable that this law would have been enforced against a person exercising his right to self-defense on New Year’s Day against such drunken hooligans.4

The Stevens and Breyer Dissents

  1. Most elegant stream of one-syllable words

Breyer: But the question here is whether they are strong enough to destroy judicial confidence in the reasonableness of a legislature that rejects them. And that they are not.5

  1. Most effective use of rhetorical questions

Breyer: What would the District’s crime rate have looked like without the ban? Higher? Lower? The same? Experts differ; and we, as judges, cannot say.6

  1. Most compelling use of for as a transition word

Stevens: For if they are to be effective, petitions must involve groups of individuals acting in concert.7

  1. Most creative alternative to the slippery-slope cliché

Stevens: Given the presumption that most citizens are law abiding, and the reality that the need to defend oneself may suddenly arise in a host of locations outside the home, I fear that the District’s policy choice may well be just the first of an unknown number of dominoes to be knocked off the table.8

The Gun Case: Eight Misses


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