Advanced Legal Editing

In this interactive workshop, we’ll use excerpts from well-known cases to develop a more scientific approach to editing.

In particular, we’ll focus on how to make work product more concise, how to restructure rambling paragraphs, and how to transition between sentences more effectively. We’ll also have an informal Q&A on common usage disputes.

The program will focus on legal prose rather than on transactional drafting.

Participants will also receive my Attorney Toolkit with custom models, checklists, and answers to the most common legal-writing questions.

Sample Agenda

9:00 am: Editing for Style
10:30 am: Editing for Usage
11:00 am: Short Break
11:15 am: Editing for Structure
12:00 pm: End

Enthusiastic Feedback

  • “Liked it all! Very helpful.”
  • “Conversational, funny style was good.”
  • “Practical examples were very helpful.”
  • “Appreciated the way you allowed questions to drive discussion.”
  • “Great. I wish we had more time.”
  • “Really liked practical, everyday tips. Things we think about all the time,
    but never knew the answer to.”
  • “Interactive, helpful, and practical.”
  • “Very practical, useful—easy to apply information.”
  • “Easy to follow, useful, and concise.”

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