Advanced Regulatory Writing

In this interactive workshop for regulatory attorneys, we discuss drafting techniques and strategies drawn from the nation’s greatest legal writers, with a special focus on regulatory filings.

Attorneys learn new ways to trim their prose, fine-tune their structure, and find a more natural voice for conveying dense, complex information. We then apply those strategies to actual filings.

We also discuss how to write about the law to clients.

Enthusiastic Feedback

  • “Loved it. Please come back.”
  • “Lots of very useful, concrete, practical tips.”
  • “Excellent—very helpful and informative.”
  • “It was concise, interactive, and well presented.”
  • “The thirty cuts for every lawyer was super helpful.”
  • “The materials, especially the checklist and bookmark, are very helpful.”
  • “Very effective.”
  • “You convinced me that there is a science to writing, as opposed to
    strictly an art.”
  • “I enjoyed the course and found the tips useful.”
  • “Enjoyed using examples from good and bad legal writing to make points.”
  • “Important focus on organization—a logical progression that leads
    inevitably to a favorable conclusion.”
  • “Well done—I like the breakout of material.”
  • “I learned a lot of useful things.”
  • “Great presentation and command of subject matter.”
  • “Very useful information and clear presentation—thanks.”
  • “Good practical examples.”
  • “Enjoyed rewording sentences. Materials very useful.”

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