Four Steps to Standout Legal Writing

This interactive workshop offers practical tools that will help your attorneys write crisp, clear prose that follows an airtight structure and marshals authority deftly—the skills that readers seek but seldom find.

In break-out sessions, we will apply the Four Steps editing techniques to excerpts from recent well-known cases, deals, and disputes. Participants will also receive my Attorney Toolkit, my new contract-drafting guide, and other resources.

Sample Agenda

9:00 am: Step One: Trimming Clutter
10:00 am: Step Two: Refining Structure
10:30 am: Break
10:45 am: Step Three: Improving Flow
11:30 am: Step Four: Integrating Authorities
12:00 pm: End

Enthusiastic Feedback

  • “Perfect. It will change the way I write!”
  • “Practical, useful tips that I can apply immediately.”
  • “Fantastic and relevant to my everyday writing.”
  • “Great presentation—very practical.”
  • “Fresh, timely examples.”
  • “By far the most comprehensive and useful training provided by [the firm].”
  • “Extremely useful no matter what level of seniority.”
  • “This is the best legal writing workshop that I have attended (and I have attended quite a few).”
  • “I am posting your ‘Four Steps’ and ‘30 Cuts’ on my bulletin board now. Thanks for a great seminar!”
  • “The associates left the course excited.”
  • “This is the second time in six months that I’ve taken this course, and I still came away reinforcing tips I had learned in the last session and picking up some new tips. Highly recommended.”

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