Start Off Strong

In this interactive workshop, new attorneys will learn specific tips for incorporating the advanced-writing skills that distinguish the best lawyers’ work product.

We will critique, edit, and revise excerpts from recent famous cases, deals, and disputes. Participants will also receive my Attorney Toolkit with custom models, checklists, and answers to the writing questions they’re likely to have their first year and beyond. They will also receive a contract-drafting guide and other resources.

Unique Components

  • Workshop focuses on skills cited by partners
  • Practical writing materials and guides you can distribute as part of your new-associate orientation
  • Option to use partner surveys to customize the program
  • Option to provide personalized feedback to associates (additional cost)
  • Option to offer my standardized online writing assessment (no additional cost)

Sample Agenda

9:00 am: Editing for Style
10:00 am: Structural Strategies
10:30 am: Break
10:45 am: Interlude: Email Styles
11:00 am: Transitions and Flow
11:30 am: Word Choice and Usage Challenge
12:00 pm: End

Enthusiastic Feedback

Hundreds of new associates attend a Start Off Strong program each year. Participants consistently endorse the program for colleagues; the average overall evaluation is 4.95 on a 5-point scale.

  • “Geared at helping us solve real problems.”
  • “Informative, sharp, and tuned in to issues I care about.”
  • “I can use these tips as soon as I get back to my desk.”
  • “Tremendously helpful and clear.”
  • “Directly addresses many concerns I had.”
  • “Will improve my legal writing ability immediately.”
  • “Excellent. This program contains practical advice for junior associates on what partners are looking for.”
  • “Materials are extremely practical and useful.”
  • “Your course has given me concrete steps to start my projects. Thank you!”

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