Writing About the Law

In this two-hour interactive workshop, your attorneys will learn how the best legal journalists write about the law.

Drawing on my experience as an award-winning legal and financial journalist, we will discuss how to captivate readers and highlight your attorneys’ talents.

Throughout the workshop, we will critique sample work product while applying the techniques to client alerts, memos, and other documents. Participants will also receive my Attorney Toolkit, which includes model documents, checklists, and answers to common writing questions.

Sample Agenda

  • 9:30 am Structuring Client Alerts and Letters
  • 10:30 am Trimming Clutter and Other Distractions
  • 11:30 am End

Enthusiastic Feedback

  • “Great interaction and mixture of lecture and
    ‘doing’—very helpful and informative.”
  • “Good examples and I especially like the word replacement list—puts everything
    into context.”
  • “This course will help me to better organize my thoughts when writing.”
  • “The tips on client memos/papers were helpful as they take up quite a bit of
    non-billable time.”
  • “The structural elements are helpful guidelines to follow when trying to
    decide which elements are ‘clutter’ and which are ‘useful.’”
  • “The course was helpful—good reminders of what we should be doing.”

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