Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many participants can you accommodate?

I have presented to groups ranging from 3 participants to more than 200.My programs provide a variety of interactive exercises and small-group activities; the hands-on activities and small-group discussions allow large groups to benefit as much as smaller ones do.

2. What program is right for my group?

I offer programs for attorneys at all levels, in both law-firm and corporate settings. I also work occasionally with paralegals and law-firm managers.

My Summer Associate Workout and Start Off Strong seminars help summer associates and new associates understand what supervisors want and provide participants with practical tips for achieving those goals.

Four Steps to Standout Legal Writing helps mid-level attorneys take their writing to the next level—giving them practical, proven techniques for editing their prose and structuring common documents.

My practice-specific workshops help mid-level and senior attorneys perfect the kinds of documents they most often draft:

Winning Feedback gives partners and other supervisors new strategies for
getting better work product from junior attorneys

3. Can our partners or senior supervisors attend?


4. When do you schedule workshops?

Most programs are in the morning or afternoon during the week. But I also schedule workshops on Saturday, in the evening, and at all-attorney retreats off-site.

5. Do you offer public programs?

Yes. Although much of my work is in-house, I conduct about five programs a year for state bars or other large CLE organizations.

6. Can your workshops really improve our attorneys’ writing?

Participants consistently say so, as do their supervisors and colleagues:

7. Why is legal writing such a challenge?

I proposed some answers to that question in an article for PDQ:

8. What makes your programs stand out?

All of my courses are interactive, short on generalities, and long on specific tips and examples. Participants spend at least half their time writing, editing, or otherwise interacting. I also work with my clients so that each program is tailored to their specific needs.

But the best answers to your question come from thousands of program participants.

In surveys distributed at workshops all over the world, 99.7% of participants have said they would recommend the program to colleagues.

Here’s what people say about the Legal Writing Pro line-up: “empowering,” “practical,” “engaging,” “immediately applicable,” “extremely helpful,” “compelling,” “simply outstanding,” “fresh, timely,” “fun,” “fabulous,” “sophisticated.”

9. Can we get CLE credit?

Yes. All of my workshops for attorneys have been approved for MCLE credit.

10. When should we book?

I book several months out for more than 150 programs a year. January, May, June, September, and October tend to be the busiest months.

11. What are your fees?

My fees are at market for national legal training consultants. I bill separately for travel expenses. Please contact me for details.

12. What do your fees cover?

All of my core programs include the following features:

  • Live, interactive workshop
  • Optional survey of partner writing preferences
  • License to reproduce materials and writing guide for all participants
  • Subscription to monthly writing newsletter
  • Email follow-up for questions

13. Do you provide one-on-one coaching?

I offer an individual e-learning program that includes an initial assessment followed by three months of unlimited tailored e-learning.

14. Can we record your programs?

Unfortunately, I cannot allow recording of my programs in any format.

I do realize that it can be difficult to coordinate attorney schedules. But in my experience, even with the best of intentions, attorneys are rarely able to view videotaped programs. Nor do interactive skills programs work via videotape.

15. Can we do a simultaneous videoconference to other offices?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

16. How should we set up the training room?

I can work with any seating arrangement.

Please provide a flipchart. If you expect more than 25 participants, please provide a microphone. I don’t need a podium.