Author: Ross Guberman


Lovable Lawyer Writing Lures Clients

The Golden Collar Awards are bestowed upon the best canine actors. The Pigasus Awards are for those who make far-out claims about paranormal activity. So why not the Burton Award for the best law


A Day in the Life of the American Contract

Do practicing lawyers get to vote on legal-writing controversies? Not if you ask some self-styled pundits. Like other forms of writing, legal writing has its descriptivists (“Here’s how lawyers do write”) and its prescriptivists (“Here’s how


Five Habits to Make in 2016

I try to stay upbeat about legal writing. In that spirit, I will suggest five great habits for the few short months of 2016 that remain. 1. At least once a week, expose yourself . . . to a writing model.


Five Habits to Break in 2016

Still in resolution mode? Let me add five to your list. 1. “Have you seen such contract? I can’t find it anywhere.” Even among lawyers who claim to have sworn off legalese, the addiction to


A Menendez Muddle?

When I saw on Twitter that Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) had filed a Third Circuit appeal,[1] I started reading the brief in earnest. I assumed that the brief hailed from BigLaw, and likely from


Trump Trumped?

How would you like to be the General Counsel to the Trump Organization right now? Sweet gig if you can get it. Trump’s GC recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Club for Growth