A BriefCatch Case Study: A BigLaw Client Alert

Let’s see BriefCatch in action on a non-legal document. Take this Gibson Dunn client alert on non-prosecution and deferred prosecution agreements, a hot white-collar topic these days.

We’ll start with the lay of the land. Let’s get some stats and a narrative report.

Now we can develop a game plan. The sentences are long on average, and BriefCatch will flag the 20 that run at least 55 words. Paragraphs are also long.

Punchiness is strong, but Plain English is less so. BriefCatch doesn’t “count off” for legal terms of art, so no matter what the topic, you can always boost your Plain English Index.

We also need to look out for overuse of “In addition” and “regarding.”

In sum, we have many opportunities to tighten, to streamline, to relax the diction, and to boost readability.

So let’s turn on the Catch feature for editing ideas.

And then after just minutes of editing, the scores start to climb!

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