Ten Questions for Every Transactional Document

  1. Have I spelled the parties’ names correctly and used their proper corporate form?
  2. Have I triple-checked all dates, numbers, and figures?
  3. Have I included key boilerplate provisions (severability, merger, notice, dispute resolution, choice of law, indemnity, counterparts, assignment)?
  4. Have I used all defined terms at least twice, defined terms consistently, and avoided embedding covenants in my definitions?
  5. Have I verified that all cross-referenced paragraph numbers are still accurate, particularly those following “notwithstanding” or “subject to”?
  6. Have I labeled exhibits and schedules consistently?
  7. Have I labeled cross-referenced paragraphs consistently?
  8. Have I used a consistent format for numbers and currencies?
  9. Have I been consistent with margins, line spacing, and paragraph spacing?
  10. Have I read the agreement from the other parties’ perspective to spot any possibly unfavorable language?